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"Courtney developed a series of posters and program covers for our theatre dept.  They were each distinctive and very inventive. She then rolled out a beautiful, full-color 12 page brochure that was an absolute hit! Every dept. (and I mean everyone) on campus wanted those brochures once they saw them. For that brochure she also created a logo for our brand new theatre company. She helped us articulate the company's brand identity, and even came up with the idea for the company's name!


Courtney is a very inventive and resourceful designer. She is a pleasure to work with at every stage of the process. She listens well and asks great questions. She's simply a great collaborator. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

Tony Vezner
Professor and Director
of Theatre Activities
Concordia University
Irvine, CA

Dan Jarrett
Director of Graphics

and Web
North Coast Church

Vista, CA

"Courtney has a great eye for design."

"Courtney is an incredibly skilled and creative Graphic Designer. Her fantastic designs have been featured in nearly all of the promotional materials for the Music and Theatre departments for our University, which include posters, brochures, concert programs, newsletters, and more. 

"Courtney gives every project a high level of attention- even when working under the pressure of a tight deadline. She takes the time to meet with directors to discuss the inspiration for every piece, and you can see their vision reflected in her work. 

It is a pleasure working with Courtney because I know she will always produce quality marketing materials."

John Marchetta

Performing Arts Coordinator at Concordia University Irvine

Irvine, CA

In reference to artwork done for a clasical music concert (see artwork here):


"Your art is magnificent!  [It] speaks to me so loudly of the risen Christ exploding, erupting, back into the world. 


I love how you incorporated the musical and angelic themes.  You have been divinely inspired, and your gifts of expression are stunning."


Eileen Jones

Patron of the Arts
Irvine, CA

"Her ability to transform my broad, generalized ideas, to specific colors, patterns, and layouts was outstanding. Courtney works with the utmost of professionalism. I was able to reach her at all times of the day through phone and email."

Chelsea Cruz

ISSA Spokesperson

and personal trainer

Dana Point, CA

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