In 10 years of freelance design, I've never received anything less than 5 stars.


These are real reviews from real people I've had the pleasure of working alongside. These reviews have been compiled from independent third party sites like Yelp and Wix. I hope to make your next design experience a 5-star one as well.

Javid Rafiq

Dubai, UAE



Courtney was superb in providing a creative approach for our law firm. In particular, her approach to simplifying the design and development process and maintaining the delivery parameters were most laudable.

It was truly a delight to work with Courtney and our entire team appreciated her superb professionalism and dedication to our project.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Courtney’s services to anyone looking for a web developer who is switched on and focused on understanding the client’s requirements. In fact, we have just instructed Courtney again on another website project and we look forward to working closely with her again.

Scott Chappelle

East Lansing, Michigan



We found Courtney through WIX and she has proven to be a valuable resource. The whole point of using WIX was to allow staff to have more direct control over the sites. Courtney has done a great job jumping in at a moments notice when we need help with something that is beyond our capabilities. She is reliable, technically proficient, and communicates well. Her billing is accurate and reasonable. She works.

Paul Sanderson

San Diego, California



You can hire anyone to do this kind of work but the thing that makes Courtney stand out from the rest is that she really cares about your success. She took the time to really understand my website and what I was trying to achieve. She is scrupulous with the details and follows up on every question and request. I felt like I had a real partner who was helping me get my ecommerce website up and running, functioning properly and headed in the right direction. Recommend without hesitation.

Anne Sajdera

San Fransisco, California



I worked with Courtney on two different websites and she has a really well-developed ability to suss out what you want your website to do and what you want it to look like. Her design intuition is fantastic. She took a website that was already in the works and turned it into a beautiful fully-functioning site with a custom graphic featured on the homepage and then she designed another site for me (for a different domain) from the ground up, which is so lovely that people comment to me about it, not to mention she laid it out in a way that makes it very easy to update as needed. Both of these sites are exactly what I was hoping for and I couldn’t be happier. If you like working with a nice person who does excellent work, Courtney is the designer for you!

Lateefah Lintz

Marrakech, Morrocco



Working with Courtney was such a pleasure. Her communication and timeliness was impeccable. Her creative vision and execution, second to none. She didn't just create a website for me, she produced a website that spoke to the culture of my business and relayed my vision so perfectly...beyond what I ever could have imagined. Her creative process was thoughtful and she really took the time to understand me, my business and the goals I had for the website and what it should convey to my customers. I could not be happier with the final product and I am confident that what she produced will be paramount in helping me grow my client base. As my business grows, Courtney will be my go to for expanding my site and it's contents. She's simply amazing at what she does! Thank you Courtney and here's to your continued growth and success!

Kelly Mahoney

Cheyenne, Wyoming



Courtney created a website for my business, and her work was superior in every way. She is well organized, diligent, and very knowledgeable.

The project exceeded my expectations. The visual esthetics -- combined with the site design and user experience --- really amplifies the brand. I appreciated her dedication, and enthusiasm for the project.

The process was very collaborative, and was completed on-budget. I highly recommend Courtney, and look forward to future initiatives with her company.

Erika Stefanutti

Birmingham, Michigan



Courtney is a brilliant designer. The website/shop she created for us-- a hugely complex project-- has been incredibly well-received and has increased our sales and press/editorial visibility significantly. It was a great delight to work with Courtney who was attentive and professional throughout the project, and she made this complex transition seamless and easy. I can't recommend her highly enough and hope to have the chance to work with her again in the future!

Aubrey Adams

Corona, California



I cannot begin to express how much I have loved working with Courtney!!! We are starting-up a business, and she has helped us every step of the way!!!! From designing our logo, to designing the notebooks and tabs we are selling, and everything in-between! She is also helping us get our website together, and we CANNOT wait to see what she comes up with! She is professional, so easy to work with, and really tries to get to know you and what you're looking for!!! We were not exactly sure what we wanted when it came to our logo and everything else, and she took everything in that we said and created a look we could not be more happy with!!!!

Erika Stefanutti

Birmingham, MI



My experience with CMGD has been SUPERB! Courtney successfully undertook a huge project for our product design studio, creating a website and online shop from the ground up. This was a technically and visually complex project, with hundreds of products and variations, and the result is both stunningly beautiful and user-friendly. Not only is Courtney exceptionally talented as a designer, but also as a diligent, organized, professional business person-- a delight to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough, and I'm sure that any business would benefit from a CMGD-designed website, as we already have. I'm so proud to refer magazine editors and design professionals to our site now, knowing that its design and execution accurately reflect our aesthetic and philosophy. I'm confident there's nothing Courtney can't do, and whatever the scope of your project, she'll complete it beautifully and beyond your expectations.

Andrea L

San Diego, California



This review is so overdue but I had to express my gratitude eventually! Courtney designed my blogging website and logo and her work is truly one of a kind. She listened to exactly what I was envisioning, and made it all come to life beyond my expectations. She is extremely talented but more than anything, extremely dedicated to her client's projects. I couldn't be happier with the end result. If you'd like to see for yourself, go to themindfuldrops.com. She killed it! Thanks Courtney!!!

Alyson Fischer

Huntington Beach, California



I got married this last April and had the pleasure of having Courtney design our wedding invitations, and we could not have been more thrilled with how our invites turned out. We threw Courtney a hard curve ball when we wanted an invitation that represented both mine and my husbands personalities since we didn't really have a theme to our wedding. I'm very old school traditional and simple with my tastes while my husband is very new school gamer with his. She did such an amazing job of blending our two styles together and our invites couldn't have come out more perfect. She went above and beyond the call of duty, especially when she completely re-did the design when we weren't 100% happy with the first one. She was very driven to make sure that we were happy with what we got and wasn't going to rest until we did. She also was very respectful of our budget and honest with what the costs would be like. We were able to get EVERYTHING that we wanted with a design that truly reflect me and my spouse, plus many of our guests complimented on how classy and fun our invitations were. So if you're looking for a graphic designer, look no further. Courtney will take AMAZING care of you and will do everything she can to make sure that you are happy with what your design. THANK YOU COURTNEY FOR MAKING OUR SPECIAL DAY THAT MUCH MORE SPECIAL!!!!

Spencer Blair

Chicago, Illinois



I've worked with Courtney on several projects, and each time she blows me away. I've given her my basic ideas or even just the general gist of what I want the final project to be, and she ALWAYS exceeds expectations. I recently worked with her on my company's annual appeal and her interesting and engaging designs created a product that raised over $627,000 for our non-profit organization. And working with her is a breeze: she is great at collaborating on an idea as well as coming back with new ideas I would have never thought of. Courtney is a creative genius and I'm lucky to have worked with her!

Deya M

Los Angeles, California



Courtney was super easy to work with! She saw my vision for my wedding invitations and even made some awesome suggestions that took them to the next level! I highly recommend Courtney and would trust her with any further invitation needs!!

David F

Santa Ana, California



Courtney is fantastic! It was so easy to get several designs squared away with her and she does amazing work. she's outgoing, incredibly friendly, and loves what she does so much (you can see it in her work). if you're looking for the best around, her name is Courtney.

Mary Frietag

Santa Ana, California



Courtney was AMAZING. So easy to work with, and I got such a beautiful design for my business. I would highly recommend her. If you are looking for an amazing graphic designer, look no further!! You won't be able to find anyone as brilliant and easy to work with. She truly loves her job and it shows in her work!

Adam Haer

Los Angeles, California



Not only does Courtney produce top quality, eye catching, professional graphics worthy of the best corporation's most exacting advertising department, but she is highly reliable, creative, and a joy to work with. Given only the most basic concept, she was able to produce a remarkable design and see its implementation through via print, email, and social media campaigns. Her work generated results, helping my brand new event attract over 200 people who found out about it almost exclusively through her advertising efforts. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Emily Abbott

Savannah, Georgia



Courtney Mansell made my wedding invitations and wedding website. She was not only a pleasure to work with, but she listened to my ideas, and created the most beautiful invitations. My husband and I still have one framed in our house! Courtney is professional, helpful, creative, and I highly recommend her for your design needs.

Chelsea Cruz

Dana Point, California



Her ability to transform my broad, generalized ideas, to specific colors, patterns, and layouts was outstanding. Courtney works with the utmost of professionalism. I was able to reach her at all times of the day through phone and email.

John Marchetta

Irvine, California



Courtney is an incredibly skilled and creative Graphic Designer. Her fantastic designs have been featured in nearly all of the promotional materials for the Music and Theatre departments for our University, which include posters, brochures, concert programs, newsletters, and more.

"Courtney gives every project a high level of attention- even when working under the pressure of a tight deadline. She takes the time to meet with directors to discuss the inspiration for every piece, and you can see their vision reflected in her work.

It is a pleasure working with Courtney because I know she will always produce quality marketing materials.

Tony Vezner

Irvine, California



Courtney developed a series of posters and program covers for our theatre dept. They were each distinctive and very inventive. She then rolled out a beautiful, full-color 12 page brochure that was an absolute hit! Every dept. (and I mean everyone) on campus wanted those brochures once they saw them. For that brochure she also created a logo for our brand new theatre company. She helped us articulate the company's brand identity, and even came up with the idea for the company's name!

Courtney is a very inventive and resourceful designer. She is a pleasure to work with at every stage of the process. She listens well and asks great questions. She's simply a great collaborator. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

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