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Empower your team to get the most out of their web presence.

Fully customized to your staff's unique needs


An all-staff training starts with research to learn what your staff’s needs are, what tasks they do most often, and determining how we can expand their skill set and Wix toolset to make their lives easier, work hours more efficient, and web presence more effective. So the curriculum of the training will be fully customized to your team's needs. And in your case, we would also take all 6 website's unique needs into consideration. 


Master the basics and more


The training can come in the form of 1 or multiple live webinars, as well as emailed online resources, customized documentation, and custom-made video walkthroughs. We can scale your team's time-investment to as little as a 30 minute overview, or a 3 to 6 hour series. But most teams benefit from one to three 45-minute live webinars that cover basic Wix topics such as:

  • The Wix Dashboard and managing site basics

  • The Editor and making site additions and updates

  • Managing Contacts and Leads

  • Blogging (news updates)

Additional bonus marketing topics offered:

  • How to establish a clear brand message that actually converts customers (1-2 hrs)

  • Managing brand design assets (30 mins)

  • Social Media management (30-60 mins)

What to expect: Demo, follow-along, Q&A

These webinars can be scheduled any time with just about any number of attendees, and can include

  1. A tour and demonstration on where to find and how to use your most relevant Wix and social tools

  2. An interactive follow-along from your own computer

  3. A question and answer time

  4. On-call assistance or "tutoring" after completion

Is your staff ready to get more out of your website?

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