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Designing Your Resume: 7 Reasons It Pays to Hire a Pro

The trick up your sleeve to land that dream job is something you didn’t even know you could hire a designer for.

1. First impressions are the loudest.

As it is in the the greater world of advertising, it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. While your text content can only whisper your qualifications, the overall experience and feel of your resume, (its design style, professionalism, and ease of reading) loudly SINGS your qualifications. It’s the overall experience of your resume that leaves the greatest impression about who you are as a candidate; make it a good one.

2. Because otherwise, THIS will be your resume.

If a great resume makes the difference between dream-job and no-job, why do so many resumes look like this? A resume pro turns that piece of paper into a work of art. You could be the world’s best fit for the job, but if your resume’s an eyesore, say goodbye to that interview.

3. Wording matters.

An average sounding resume will make you sound... AVERAGE. A resume pro (a trained copywriter) is a wordsmith ready to drive home what a catch you are and make sure the foot you’re putting forward is your best one.

4. You don't want to miss out on your dream job just because you aren’t a salesman.

It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest employee in the world if you can’t convince the hiring manager of it. Don’t let another opportunity pass you by simply because talking about yourself isn’t your forte.

5. The average time spent vetting a resume is 6.25 seconds. (Source: Forbes)

A pro strategically communicates all of the awesomeness that is YOU in a concise, digestible way that your future boss might actually get through before losing interest.

6. Send those chunky paragraphs to the gym.

The essence of the the marketing pro’s job is to be a storyteller, and to persuasively engage her audience in that story through graphics, words, or overall branding. So ditch the overused buzzwords and empty cliches (“proven” “outside of the box!”) and let a pro tell your story in a way that is fresh, engaging, and original.

7. Design is important.

Is a pretty design more important than your actual credentials for the job? No. You can’t glitz and glam your way into a job you’re just not qualified for. But your competence should be reflected in and confirmed by a professional, engaging look.

Go land that interview. Be ready to show the world what you're really capable of with a killer resume that will knock their socks off.


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