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If Lindy Hop Pros Were Fonts

If Lindy Hop Pros Were Fonts

Answering the age-old question: if professional lindy hoppers were fonts, which ones would they be?

Click the images to see the high res version.

Jo Hoffberg, swing dancer

Jo Hoffberg

Font: Lavanderia

Sassy & Devastatingly Classy.

Photo courtesy of

Kevin St. Laurent, swing dancer

Kevin St. Laurent

Font: Lust Script

Old fashioned charm, comedic genius, a true performer.

Photo courtesy Kevin St. Laurent at Bonsey at

Frida Segerdahl

Font: Helvetica

The ubiquitous favorite of longtime artists and newcomers alike, yet still worth every last bit of hype (and more.)

Photo courtesy Light eX Machina

Annie Trudeau

Font: Gotham

A powerhouse, super human, flawless, perfection, blatantly defies gravity.

Photo courtesy Mauro Sebregondio

Maeva Truntzer

Font: The Flower City

Bold, cheeky, spunky.

Photo courtesy

Laura Glaess

Font: Bebas Neue

Strong, bold, fierce.

Photo courtesy J. S. Almonte at

Skye Humphries

Font: Filson

Smooth as butter. An uncanny combo of relaxed and refined. Precise, old school, and effortless.

Photo courtesy Tamara Pinco

Ramona Staffeld

Font: Amberlight

Wild. Free. Unbridled joy.

Photo courtesy Buskil at Snap_B Photograph

Remy Kouakou Kouame

Font: Memoriam

Delights viewers with the unexpected and takes "suave" to new heights without ever taking himself too seriously.

Photo courtesy Tim Gee

Would you have given a different font to any of these? Would you like me to add your favorite pro to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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