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If Lindy Hop Pros Were Fonts

If Lindy Hop Pros Were Fonts

Answering the age-old question: if professional lindy hoppers were fonts, which ones would they be?

Click the images to see the high res version.

Jo Hoffberg, swing dancer

Jo Hoffberg

Sassy & Devastatingly Classy.

Photo courtesy of

Kevin St. Laurent, swing dancer

Kevin St. Laurent

Old fashioned charm, comedic genius, a true performer.

Photo courtesy Kevin St. Laurent at Bonsey at

Frida Segerdahl

Font: Helvetica

The ubiquitous favorite of longtime artists and newcomers alike, yet still worth every last bit of hype (and more.)

Photo courtesy Light eX Machina

Annie Trudeau

Font: Gotham

A powerhouse, super human, flawless, perfection, blatantly defies gravity.

Photo courtesy Mauro Sebregondio

Maeva Truntzer

Bold, cheeky, spunky.

Photo courtesy

Laura Glaess

Strong, bold, fierce.

Photo courtesy J. S. Almonte at

Skye Humphries

Font: Filson

Smooth as butter. An uncanny combo of relaxed and refined. Precise, old school, and effortless.

Photo courtesy Tamara Pinco

Ramona Staffeld

Wild. Free. Unbridled joy.

Photo courtesy Buskil at Snap_B Photograph

Remy Kouakou Kouame

Font: Memoriam

Delights viewers with the unexpected and takes "suave" to new heights without ever taking himself too seriously.

Photo courtesy Tim Gee

Would you have given a different font to any of these? Would you like me to add your favorite pro to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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